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In order to break your board, you need to kick/punch THROUGH the board. Don't stop/slow down when you hit the board (or it will hurt more and you will not break the board). Aim for a spot that is PAST the board.

You can use rebreakable plastic boards if you want to practice Karate breaking at home.

Work on your accuracy as you can injure your hand/foot (and the hand of the person holding the board) if you miss the center of the board. Most of the time, you don't need overwhelming power if you hit the board correctly.

If you are a parent holding the board for a very young Karatew student (i.e. 4 or 5 years old) who needs a little help, you can "HELP". If you bend the board inwards slightly, it is a little easier to break. Just don't bend it outwards or your little Karate student will have a much harder time. :)

Don't worry about missing or not being able to break the board. During a test, most Masters will give you several chances. Just calm down & focus on doing the kick/punch correctly. You will do great!